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Safety is the state of being "safe" (from French sauf), the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm or any other event which could be considered non-desirable.  This can take the form of being protected from the event or from exposure to something that causes health or economical losses.  It can include protection of people or of possessions.



















1st FOUR Solutions. specializes in assisting business & industry to create a value added Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

No matter what safety & health challenges you & your company face, whether one time only advice or a full range of services, 1st FOUR Solutions, is ready to work in partnership with you to assess your needs, evaluate options, develop solutions & assist you to fulfill your companies vision and objectives.
1st FOUR Solutions offers a practicable and a achievable health and safety program as well as sustainable consulting solutions to suit your organization. We provide the health and safety and  expertise, guidance and resources and we will work in partnership with you at all times ensuring that you fully benefit from our qualified & skilled  health and safety consultants. 
1st FOUR Solutions offers education and experience  to your company at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee.  We are able to offer these services on a "as needed" basis, this allows a smaller company to only pay for the services when they are needed. This outsourcing solution works extremely well for a small but growing company.



Our mission is to provide services customized to meet client needs and help to achieve optimum environmental, health, safety and human performance